Welcome to the example

This web site was made in order to give a demonstration of the free web site system N.nu (Swedish: Gratis hemsida) for showing how it could look like and what it could do. See all design templates here.

To write text is very easy using the built in Word like editor and this is some example of text. It is also possible to toggle the editor and work with HTML instead if that is preferred.

It is very simple to include images. Just upload and drag and drop it in the text.

On the left you can see an example of a photo that I have uploaded. And yes, that's actually me :) (bigger version on Flickr)

The system is also automatically resizing photos that are too big and you can choose the size yourself. In the future it will also be possible to have a gallery with your photos.

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Contact me

Here I will put an automatic contact form so we can see how that will look:

(Lämna tom)

Examples of websites

Denna hemsida är byggd med N.nu - prova gratis du med.(info & kontakt)